fed by water

It is a fact that people from Napoli claim to have the best coffee in the world, but have you ever asked yourself why? Coffee beans are found everywhere and good coffee roasters are ubiquitous. However water determines 95% of the final result so it has to be good. And the Neapolitans have got it good, naturally.

Water is the primary component of our body and of our planet, it is for these reasons that fed considers water as the key ingredient for its kitchen. Pasta, pizza, sauces, plant-based cheese and the beverage’s fed creates have a percentage of water in them, therefore through fed by water’s innovation fed continues to highlight this concept.

The first phase of cooking a healthy dish is to get the ingredients right, fresh, delicious, and natural-tastes. Water was our first ingredient, but then this philosophy was applied to every other ingredient we sourced for our recipes, taking care to find the right suppliers – organic, chemical-free vegetables, legumes, wheat, fruit. Wherever possible, local, in season and as mother nature intended. Through sustainability and consciousness, we can appreciate what our planet still provides us with.

Health benefits of purified water

Today’s society is concerned with “clean living” and eating healthily and yet water quality is rarely mentioned. We all know drinking lots of water is good for you but if the water isn’t up to scratch then it can negate many of the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

Chlorine is used to disinfect tap water in the UK (and somehow everywhere else) and it makes it taste a little bitter with a faint odour too. Carbon filtration successfully removes this chemical disinfectant from water.

Tap water may be relatively free of dirt when it leaves the water treatment works, but it could be travelling miles through old and rusty pipes before it reaches you. Even though you can’t always see bits of rust, sand and other dirt coming out of your tap – it’s there and our active carbon filtration technologies help to remove all of that.

But you don’t want to take everything out of the water. The naturally occurring essential minerals like Calcium, Magnesium and Potassium are all the elements of water that your body needs.

Other filtration methods such as ‘reverse osmosis’ take everything out of the water – even the essential minerals but the system we use in our kitchens makes sure all the goodness stays in.

Pure water tastes better and it makes food taste better too.