We all have reasons and stories for turning to the vegan way. For some it is immediate and for others it takes years to embrace. For fed it is not purely about healthy eating it has always been primarily driven by compassion, justice and respect for animals.

Minimising consumption of animal products will never fail to open your heart and mind to the animals we might once have taken for granted. Through this recent breakthrough for the movement of Veganism awareness has risen for the voiceless, previously recognised as animals to exploit rather than sentient creatures with personalities.

Would you like your neighbour to roast your cat?! Is a comment heard many times uttered from the lips of fabio (feds founder) to his customers. A response given with a smile to the many people who ate with fed that had never eaten plant based food before. The question of “why did you go vegan” was often politely open on the restaurant floor.

A chicken, a cat, a cow, a dog or a goat it matters not. There is no difference between us or them. Try to visit an animal sanctuary. The more we interact the more we can get even the most ardent of carnivore to see how much a cow can love in the exact same way as your pooch. Or cat…..if you are the lady that bought her cat into our restaurant and let it climb all over her Carbonara!

We are currently supporting Animal-law.it, a non-profit organisation based in Italy committed to bring together lawyers and scholars already contributing to the progress of legal protection for animals in Europe.

Our support of this organisation is part of an ongoing mission into Animal Welfare projects in Sardinia, Italy. Please contact us for further information or alternatively donate using the link below.