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We support restaurants and food retailers by creating plant-based dishes satisfying a fast growing request for vegan menu’s globally. Partnering with production companies to create and pack new delicious products to reach customers within their local deli and selected supermarkets are all part of the service fed can provide.

We have found on our travels a need for consultancy programs for pizza making, bread production and plant based cheese. Carefully focused on innovating the way you can deliver your product to your customers. Healthy dough, gourmet toppings or entire menus from starters to desserts we meticulously go through every possibility for courses be it vegan, raw, gluten free or allergen sensitive dishes. Staff training and educational programs on plant-based cuisine and lifestyle can be designed to suit your needs.

We can help to support you and your venture with the wealth of knowledge we have accumulated on feds journey so far. Please do not hesitate to contact us

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