fab the chef

Fabio the chef.

Italian. Designer. Musician. Foodie and Cook.

Born in Germany and raised in Italy he then lived in London and New York. This wonderful journey, shaken up in America, was when he started to re-evaluate all he knew. The ‘Big Apple’ got him thinking how possession oriented society had become, how much we waste of our life and how we all pursue the unnecessary. “I was part of it, part of selling the unnecessary through marketing”. As a designer he suddenly felt guilty pushing people into this level of consumerism. Life he felt at that time should stand for something different.

On his return from NYC in 2013 he decided to make the best of his skills. Devotion to finding the perfect ingredient for a composition is what defines his style as a food designer to date. Passionate about innovation and experimentation, he decided to morph his work life from design for business into design through the medium of food. Focusing on delicious flavours, innovative styles and sustainability rather than on creating the marketing messages of “buy me”. This is when he opened fed by water, and continues on today with fed at its best.