Once upon a time in Hackney - London

Once upon a time there was fed by water, a concept restaurant located in buzzy Dalston, East London. fed by water known (so they say) for great eating and drinking, for innovation with quality. With distinctive sophistication and simplicity the ultimate drive was respect for animals, the planet, and for health. 

“Der Mensch ist was er isst” or “We are what we eat”. So said Ludwig Feuerbach, a German philosopher and anthropologist, who in 1862 clearly defined a long-standing statement which has never been more appropriate. In this day and age what we eat is what we are, our body, our mind and our soul depend on what we feed them. 

In a world dominated by junk food, with powerful chemicals as the main ingredient we are presented only with capitalism for nourishment. It was time to really look into these wise words so the concept of fed by water, was not just about being “fed” but about a luxurious and healthy experience. Fed “by water” is because life begins with water… 

When attention is focused on water as the first element and its purity never taken for granted, care in selecting the other ingredients for a dish becomes the vision. You can be a genius in a kitchen but not necessarily a miracle-worker if ingredients are tasteless or contaminated. Fed kitchens believe that only with the best components can creativity, skill and ingenuity come into play. With pure water at the start eventually we will all get there. 

Inspired by Italy’s rich culinary history, while adding extra “sensibility” fed by water pioneered fully plant-based Italian cuisine in the United Kingdom. From its base in London, satisfying foodies from all over the world with a sensorial experience full of flavour and without guilt. Cruelty free, vegan and lavish was the mission. 

On March 7th 2019, after 5 challenging years of tears, satisfaction and laughter with thousands of like-minded people, fed by water decided to take a break.

Brexit has been a game changer for everyone in the UK with the referendum in July 2016 inflicting uncertainty for all and a lack of confidence for small business owners. The entire population for many frightening reasons is suffering a collective insanity. Through this ongoing economic uncertainty fed carried on for as long as it could. Few need to understand what happens in a professional kitchen or the hidden pressure in serving the perfect meal – the drama and ‘do or die’ level of stress in running a restaurant even in the best of times. Regardless of the outside world the kitchen has to be a playground; at home or in a restaurant cooking should be enjoyed. Eating out is a luxury and hopefully a memorable experience. Before Brexit could take that joy from its staff and customers Fed chose to close the doors irrespective that it was at the peak of its creativity.

During this well deserved and timely break it was decided fed should take a change in direction, addressing an efficient, sustainable (more vegan) way of sharing its food than having a restaurant and contributing to the pollution of the city.  The choice was made to reach beyond the streets of London, going into secret venues for events or cooking privately for people at home. From shop front to the internet and now to books fed by water kitchen has effectively reached followers homes with fed.best. Anyone who wants to enjoy this compassionate way of eating can now do so.

Fed hopes for a peaceful journey into the future, encouraging others to adopt a plant-based lifestyle, never compromising on the beauty of Italian cuisine and in total harmony with nature.